‘Leave me Shout’ consists of a series of photographs that examine the representation, repression, and beauty of the female. Franco strives to portray the strength, which hides violence, oppression, and rage. All conveyed by nudity, the purest form of energy and sexuality. Beauty is rich. It can allow the viewer a glimpse into vulnerability, nostalgia, loneliness, hurt. The images portrayed to the viewer show us strength through color, posture, and stance. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Franco draws inspiration from ‘Carnival’. The feverishly delectable ‘Carnival’ of Brazil originated from a period of Lent. ‘Carnival’, originating from ‘Carnelevare’ means ‘to remove meat’. Nowadays, this period has become ripe with displaying and flaunting the delights of the flesh. ‘Carnival’ is bountiful in its parades, music, and performers. Stunningly decadent, rich in culture, and, for the onlooking tourist, abundantly wealthy in the flesh trade. The ‘Sale of Body’ culture or ‘Flesh Trade’ draws us into yet another strand of Franco’s work, sexual violence, dominance, and fear. The subjects in Franco’s photographs show what is felt in these situations.
Finishing this body of work in Greece provided the perfect opportunity for Franco. A country enveloped in history and an ancient society which valued Goddesses and equality is now overcome with pain and turmoil. This juxtaposition enabled Franco to fully immerse herself in her subject matter and realize the truth inside it.
Curated by Jennette Donnelly