HEALING PROCESS (in progress)

I decided not to create during this pandemic in 2020, and I stuck with that for a long time.
I was just observing and trying to understand how this situation affected our(my) emotions and our soul.

After a long reflection on the collective pain, I was inspired to create again. And so ‘Healing process’ was born. A minimalist, intimate series, where I’ve put my heart and soul into representing the four scientific stages of a healing wound.
I took this process and translated into a representation of how we can heal from collective trauma. As I and so many of us move through stage one together.
I don’t when stage two will come, for now, I focus on stage one: stopping the bleeding and compressing the wound.

I reached out to folks on social media to find which word helped them to get through 2020. From the answers, I create the words used in this series.

Each artwork is handmade and unique due to the organic nature of threads, stamping and paint.